Mens B first match in league 1

Following on from winning promotion, the Mens B team had their first game outside of the the club in league 1. Having played the Mens A twice, the B team knew what to expect and what was different when playing with feathers, but their first test in the league was a big one. Feathers A, one of the best teams in the League. Pairings of Jonathan and Ben T, Nadeem and Joe and Will and Ben W very quickly found out how good Feathers were. Sadly they were unable to get any games on the board, and ended up losing 9-0, but lots of good experience gained and on to their next match knowing what to expect from this league. In all the games, each player had their moments and played some good shots. Ironing out the mistakes from not playing with Feather Shuttles regularly, combined with the good shots will make the B team a solid team in this division.

Final Result: Brackley Town Mens ‘B’ – 0 vs Feathers Mens ‘A’ – 9

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