The Mens Final Game of the Season

With the season drawing to a close, the Brackley Town Mens ‘A’ team had their final game of the season. Nadeem stepped up for the match with Calvin being unavailable, Eoin and Nadeem were unable to get the team off to a winning start, losing 21-12 and 21-19 to their number 1 pair. Tom and Dan took their rubber to 3, but mistakes cost them the 3rd game. Henry and Connor were the other pair, and they player out a close game for their first rubber, but suffered defeat 22-20 and 21-19. This put Brackley 3-0 down doing into the next section of games. Dan and Tom came close to pushing the Marlborough Number 1 pair to a 3rd game, but slipped from 20-15 up to lose 23-21. Eoin and Nadeem got a point on the board for Brackley while Connor and Henry fell short again. Henry and Connor then battled hard to beat the number 1 pair 21-15 and 24-22. Eoin and Nadeem and Tom and Dan were then unable to capitalise on their chances and slipped to defeats.

Final Score: Brackley Town Mens ‘A’ 2 – Marlborough Mens ‘A’ 7

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