Cramic A beat Mixed A

Cramic Mixed ‘A’ team travelled to Brackley to take on the Brackley Town Mixed ‘A’ team, with Brackley trying to turn around the 6-3 when the teams met in Banbury. The game started close, with Will and Dan only just losing the first rubber after taking it to 3 games. The first ladies rubber was won by Cramic putting them in a good position. Brackley were able to win their next 2 mens rubbers, but the ladies were still unable to get a point on the board leaving the game 4-2 going into the mixed rubbers. Dan and Charleigh pushed the first pair close, taking the rubber to 3 games but were unable to win the 3rd game. The new partnership of Molly and Will improved in their 2nd game, but it was too late to take their rubber. Calvin and Carla played out a tight game, again taking it to 3 games, but were unable to get over the line.

Final Result; Brackley Town Mixed ‘A’ 2 – Cramic Mixed ‘A’ 7

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