Mixed C Narrowly Out of Cup

The Mixed C got the next round of the Cup underway on Monday night against last seasons beaten Finalists Marlborough A. Mixed C hoping to ensure that Brackley would have two teams in the Semi-Finals with Mixed A and B playing each other on the 30th.

With Marlborough being in the top division, Brackley were given an additional 8 points in each game (144 points overall) and so in each game they needed to achieve 13 points to draw the game.

Due to court availability, the teams were able to play each rubber alongside the other ones which made tracking the match a little easier. Joe and Jordan started the team off, but were only able to score 9 and 6 in their rubber. Will and Paula, and Ben and Kaye were able to get Brackley back into the match taking 16 and 12 and 16 and 17 respectively. Putting the teams just 2 points apart.

The second rotation saw a little wobble from Brackley, Will and Paula took 13 and 11, just below what was needed from each match, Ben and Kaye followed suit, taking 8 and 14 and Joe and Jordan slipped to 9 and 7 leaving Brackley 18 points off.

This means that Brackley would need get 14 in each game instead of 13 to draw level. Ben and Kaye score 10 and 13, but then Joe and Jordan for 8 and 16, leaving Will and Paula the chance to take it. They started well, taking 19 points in the first game, but they were unable to replicate this and could only manage 8 in the final game.

After a valiant effort from the Mixed C team, Marlborough A won the match by 22 points in the end.

Final Result: Brackley Town Mixed C 356 – Marlborough Mixed A 378

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