Mixed B Travel To Cramic

The Brackley Town Mixed ‘B’ team travelled to Cramic ‘C’ on Wednesday night. Henry was unavailable due to injury and so Nadeem stepped up in his place. The night did not start too well, with both Connor and Tom and Maire and Jess losing the first games of the night. Connor and Tom managed to turn their rubber around and take the win, but Maire and Jess were unable to. Connor kept up his momentum with Nadeem as they went on to win their Rubber 2-0 with Maire and Kaye narrowly losing theirs. Tom and Nadeem made hard work of the 3rd mens rubber, despite leading the games through out, but they managed to scrape a 2-0 win. Jess and Kaye won the first game of their final ladies rubber, but then Cramic fought back to take it to a deciding 3rd, which then went the distance, Cramic eventually taking it 23-21. There was no rest for Kaye, who was straight into her Mixed games with Tom which they won 21-15 and 21-17. Connor and Maire lost their first game, but narrowly won the 2nd and then secured the rubber by winning the final game 21-15. This meant that the match was won with the final rubber still being played. Nadeem and Jess took the rubber to 3 games, but were unable to find the win.

Final Result:  Cramic Mixed ‘C’ 4 – Brackley Town Mixed ‘B’ 5

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