Brackley Mens ‘A’ Narrowly Lose Out

Brackley Town Mens ‘A’ traveled to Marlborough Mens ‘B’ in the 2nd match of the new season. Brackley were slow to get started, each of the pairings losing their first rubber, but they began to turn the game by 2 pairs winning the 2nd round of rubbers. Eoin and Tom managed to secure their 2nd rubber of the night, putting the pressure back onto Marlborough meaning that it was 4-3 going into the final two rubbers. Calvin and Robby managed to get their first win of the night at the vital time to make it 4-4 with the final rubber in progress. Connor and Henry lost the first game of their rubber, but managed to win their 2nd game taking the match into a final deciding game. Marlborough managed to survive the final scare and take the final game to win te match 5 rubbers to 4. There were lots of positives for the Mens team to take into the next match against Cramic.


Final Result: Marlborough Mens ‘B’ 5 – Brackley Town Mens ‘A’ 4

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