New Team, Mens ‘B’ First Match

The newly formed Brackley Town Mens B team had their first ever match on Monday 16th of October. In the words of Captain Tim, the first Mens B is a historic occasion. The team consisted of Tim and Will, Marcus and Mark and Tom and Jonathon. Afer the first set of rubbers, Brackley were 2-1 down, Tom and Jonathan the getting the win for Brackley. The second set of rubbers saw Brackley win all three to go 4 – 2 up, Tim and Will sealing a close second set 21 – 19. Third rotation and final rubber proved to be a close affair, with Marcus and Mark beaten in three sets as well as Tom and Jonathon! However Tim and Will managed to win to seal a first ever victory.

Final Score: Brackley Town Mens ‘B’ 5 – Deddington Mens ‘A’ 4

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