First Match of the Season

Brackley Town Badmtinon Club had the first match of the 2017-2018 season on the 11th of September which saw the Brackley Town Mixed B team host the Brackley Town Mixed C in the Banbury Town Badminton League Mixed Division 3.

Both team captains, Tim and Tom E, picked strong teams. Tim choosing Robbie and Mark to accompany him in the Mens with Paula, Mags and Kaye in the ladies. The Mixed B team consisted of Captain Tom E, Tom L and Henry for the mens and Maire, Carla and Jess.

With everyone playing on top form, the game ended up going into the last two games to decide which way the match went, but with Carla and Henry winning against Mags and Tim, it meant that the C team needed to win both remaining rubbers. Although Robbie and Kaye fought back valiantly (after Robbie broke his 2nd racket of the night) to come back from being one game down, and 20-19 down in the 2nd game to win the rubber 16-21, 22-20, 21-14 it was not enough as Tom L and Jess beat Paula and Mark to seal the first win for the Mixed B team.

Final Score: Brackley Town Mixed ‘B’ 5 – Brackley Town Mixed ‘C’ 4

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